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Rory McLeod - Unreleased Rory songs 'On the Wrong Side Of The Wall.' and Creature comforts theme tune; Galloway Girl; Honey allow me one more chance.
unreleased songs are On The Wrong Side Of The Wall; Creature comforts theme tune; Galloway Girl; Honey allow me one more chance. Available For Download only. Rory says, I was asked to make some songs about Hadrians Wall. Performing them in a show with other musicians and some poets. I tried to imagine what it would have been like for a young boy, a shepherd, out on the hills with his sheep and suddenly hearing and seeing the Roman Garrisons for the first time, approaching, with armour shining, perhaps elephants, scary. Also how it would have been when they built the wall, how towns, farmlands, families and neighbours might have been divided, dealing with this occupying force. I wanted to give another perspective to the wall, to bring it up to date and relate it to the more modern walls we now have in the world, the Gaza wall, that has been built in order to ‘annexe’ Palestinian land, the Berlin wall, The Mexican border, etc. creating ‘false’ frontiers. So I made this song ‘On the wrong side of the wall.’ I had already made a slow lyrical song. I wanted to give this song a ‘sing along’ chorus and a lively rhythm. this is a 'differently arranged' recording of the song I have 'produced' Not a live version - available for download. Also Rorys song 'Galloway Girl' composed for the same show.About a Roman who falls in love with a local girl and stay behind after his garrison has left and returned to Rome. Also available here is Creature comforts theme tune as composed and played and recorded by Rory; Available also (after broadcast BBC-Radio2 on May 18th 2011) a song written by Rory for BBC Radio Two (inspired by Henry Thomas song which inspired Bob Dylans version) called 'Honey Allow me one more chance' for a radio show that will celebrate Dylans 70th Birthday, Rory and other different UK artists were asked to record versions of the songs from Dylans early Freewheeling Album. This is Rorys complete reworking of the song he was asked to record. In the spirit of adventure and invention Rory has made A completely different song now! Rory says that: "If Bob Dylan-himself-was asked to re record the song now, it wouldn't be the same as the version he recorded back in the early 1960's either!! Songs shouldn't always be forever fossilised in recordings but given new life and evolve"
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Rory McLeod - On The Wrong Side Of The Wall - 3:29 € 1.10 Buy this Song !
Rory McLeod - Creature Comforts Theme tune - 0:75 € 1.10 Buy this Song !
Rory McLeod - Galloway Girl - 3:57 € 1.10 Buy this Song !
Rory McLeod - Honey Allow me one more Chance - 9:39 € 1.10 Buy this Song !
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