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Rory McLeod - Footsteps and Heartbeats
"These nine songs are among the most interesting you're going to hear all year" 'Folk Roots'. UK. Uncompromisingly earthy and edgy" 'BJ Cole, Guitar Magazine.' Restless footsteps and the pulsing heartbeat of the music takes the listener on journeys through the streets of Britain, the dusty plains of the East and the ramble tamble of the south Americas. There are some excellent melodies at play; it's Mcleod who provides the beating heart." 'Broadbeat', Scotland. " I love this record, it's non-stop aural caressment.... Singing Copper' is a journey to a policemans' heart and soul, a high point lyrically. This is world music, real, vital and intensely listenable. Probably one of the best collection of Love songs you'll ever hear." Rock and Reel. UK. " ...philosopher Descartes had it right when he said " the simplest man with passion will be more persuasive than the most eloquent without." Add a traveller's ability as a teller of tales and a compassionate eye for detail and you get the idea." 'Entertainer' - Australia " Lovers of folk music will breathe a huge sigh of approval upon auditioning Rory's superbly crafted release." 'Cape Country Courier' � Tasmania
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Rory McLeod - Love Like A Rock - 4:04  1.10 Buy this Song !
Rory McLeod - Till I don't know Who I Am - 3:15  1.10 Buy this Song !
Rory McLeod - Collectorman - 3:38  1.10 Buy this Song !
Rory McLeod - Moments shared - 2:40  1.10 Buy this Song !
Rory McLeod - Wandering Fool - 5:50  1.10 Buy this Song !
Rory McLeod - Take Me Home - 4:48  1.10 Buy this Song !
Rory McLeod - Singing Copper - 4:49  1.10 Buy this Song !
Rory McLeod - A kind of Loneliness - 3:41  1.10 Buy this Song !
Rory McLeod - Mariachis Love Song - 7:38  1.10 Buy this Song !
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